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You want to share your story.

You are thriving on the other side of a life-changing experience and you feel an urgency to share your story with the world. You want to write a nonfiction book that will inspire and encourage others. But when someone asks you about your book idea, you fumble around and give all sorts of vague answers.

Right now, the thought of writing a book feels like driving in fog without headlights.


Let me help you clear the fog.

I’ve been where you are. Wrestling with my story, trying to pin it down. I’ve spent more time, money, and energy than I even want to think about writing in circles, getting nowhere. A book coach helped me get clear on the book I needed to write. Let me help you do the same.

In just a few days, you can be more clear about the point of your book and have a plan to move your writing forward.


In a nutshell:

  • Written feedback on a one-page book summary: I will review and comment on your ideas about genre, intended audience, the focal point of your book, and more.
  • Written feedback on ten pages of your choice: I will comment on your ideas, ask questions, and point out areas to dig into further. Note: This is a review, not a line-by-line edit of your pages.
  • A thirty-minute Zoom call to discuss feedback and next steps
  • Your Outcome? Clarity on the point of your book and a plan to write forward
  •  Just $199!
I want clarity now!

Dream-to-Draft™ JumpStart


  • Written feedback on "My Book-At-A-Glance," a one-page book summary
  • Written feedback on ten pages of your choice
  • A 30-minute Zoom call to discuss feedback and next steps
  • Outcome? Clarity on the point of your book and a plan to write forward
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I highly recommend Suzette! 

In a short period of time, she helped me with both the big picture—the journey I needed to take the reader on—and getting grounded in next steps.

I walked away feeling inspired and confident in my ability to move forward productively in the work. Suzette is compassionate, patient, a great listener, and dedicated to the craft -- everything you need in a coach. Thank you, Suzette!!—Rebekah SpicugliaAuthor of Surviving the Worst: A Memoir of a Son Loved and Lost (forthcoming)


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How it works:

After you click the cool green button, you’ll be directed to a checkout page where you can use a major credit card to complete your purchase.

After completing your purchase:

  1. You receive an email from Your Story Finder, granting you access to "Dream-to-Draft™JumpStart,” an online platform. Create an account to log into the platform.
  2. In Module 1, download My Book-At-A-Glance, a one-page worksheet that helps you begin focusing your book idea and will help me evaluate where you are in your book writing journey. Complete the worksheet and submit it.
  3. In Module 2, submit up to ten double-spaced pages of your own writing for review. These pages could be the first chapter of your book, an outline, table of contents, notes—whatever you decide would be most helpful.
  4. In Module 3, schedule your 30-minute Zoom conversation with Suzette. 
  5. Suzette reviews the My-Book-At-A-Glance worksheet and your ten pages and returns your work with written feedback via email (typically within 72 hours).
  6. You and Suzette meet for 30 minutes over Zoom and discuss the feedback, clarify the point of your book, and develop a plan for you to move forward.

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