Fall Memoir JumpStart 

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Fall Memoir JumpStart


  • Video modules to walk you through the big questions you need to answer so you can outline your memoir before November 1 and take advantage of NANOWRIMO if desired!

  • Downloadable worksheets for the one-page book summary and the "inside outline," two powerful planning tools

  • Detailed written feedback on your one-page book summary

  • Detailed written feedback on your memoir outline

  • Weekly email check-ins during November and December to keep your writing goals on track

  • 30-minute "next steps" call after NANOWRIMO ends
  • Outcome? Significant progress on your memoir by the end of 2020 + NANOWRIMO success!

  • BONUS! Sign up by September 25 and receive a 30-minute one-on-one strategy call

I want this!

You're ready to get finally get your story out of your head ...

And November, National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) is the perfect time to do it, even if you're writing memoir Imagine, 50,000 words—nearly a whole book—written by the end of November. Thousands of people accomplish this goal every year, so why not you? 

But what if you end up with 50,000 random words?

A file of nonsense? Unfocused thoughts? Sure, you'll be able to say you've "won" NANOWRIMO, but what you really want is a solid draft of your manuscript.

Now, THAT would be a win.

Want a bonus strategy call? Sign up by September 25!
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Vicki Whicker

"Suzette's feedback on the big picture is invaluable to shaping meaningful narrative."—AuthorDunga Book Diary (forthcoming memoir)

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Trisha Taylor

"Suzette is an author's dream! She made us better at every turn, and with her help, we found our voice."—Co-Author, Learning Change

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Jamie Gehring

"Suzette helped me decipher the through-line of my memoir. Now my scenes have more intention and clarity."—Author of Life with Ted (forthcoming memoir)

I want a NANOWRIMO win + a bonus strategy call!



How NANOWRIMO Changed My Life

In November 2012, I stumbled upon NANOWRIMO and thought, what the heck? I'd been wanting to write a book FOR YEARS and had been struggling to write consistently FOR YEARS, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to address both struggles.

It was—and it wasn't.

The positives? I got my butt in the chair every day for 30 days and WROTE. I proved to myself that I could do it on the days I wanted to write—and on the days I didn't.

The negatives? Because I didn't have a plan or strategy going in, I ended up with 50,000 words that lacked coherence. That I didn't know what to do with after NANOWRIMO was over. That left me nowhere close to a draft I could take to the finish line.

I've developed NANOWRIMO JumpStart so that doesn't happen to you too.

But NANOWRIMO did change my life. It reminded me that writing was my happy place and set me on a path to a new career as a writer and writing coach. And eight years later, writing and coaching other writers is my life. I am closing in on the finish line of one memoir and beginning another, and am helping other memoir and nonfiction writers get clarity on their book ideas so that they can get to their finish lines too.

Could NANOWRIMO will change your life as well?

Image to the right courtesy of NANOWRIMO.

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How it works:

After you click the cool green button, you’ll be directed to a checkout page where you can use a major credit card to complete your purchase.

After completing your purchase:

  1. If you sign up by September 25, I will send you a link to sign up for your bonus strategy call.
  2. You will receive an email from Your Story Finder, granting you access to the "Fall Memoir JumpStart” platform. Create an account to log onto the platform.
  3. The video modules drop on October 1. In the Welcome module, you'll be introduced to several outlining tools, which will also be available as downloads.
  4. In the following modules, I will walk you through the questions you need to be able to answer to use these outlines tools effectively. I will also give you tips on how to make the most of your NANOWRIMO experience should you decide to participate.
  5. You will receive instructions about how and when to submit your one-page book summary and your outline for feedback. 
  6. I will review your book summary and outline and return them to you with detailed written feedback, typically within 72 hours.
  7. Every Monday in November and December, I will send you a check-in email to help you stay on track so you can reach your writing goals.
  8. During December, I offer a 30-minute consult call to discuss the next steps in your memoir writing journey.
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