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Book coaching & strategy for MEMOIR & nonfiction writers

I help LGBTQ+ folx & allies raise their voices, write their stories, and become PUBLISHED AUTHORS. 


Meet Suzette
Book Coach and Author

My mission is to amplify LGBTQ+ voices and bring more LGBTQ+ real-life stories into the world. To bring hope to the hopeless. Light to those in darkness. Empowerment to those who feel powerless. Connection to those who feel alone and "othered."

And in the process, change hearts and minds—AND systems designed to marginalize—one story at a time.

How about we amplify your voice and change the world together?!


Featured Writers 

 "I am now a true believer in planning! Suzette's thoughtful process helped me get clear on what my story was really about—a braided memoir rooted in the LGBTQ+/transgender experience, which weaves together three life-altering journeys inside one family—mine!"

~ Beck Moore

Work With Suzette In Person in 2023!!

You want to write your story, but you haven't—YET.

Maybe you don't know where to start.

Maybe you know you need help but you don't know who to trust.

Maybe you have no idea how you are going to get your book published if you do write it.

Maybe you've finished a draft and you're hearing crickets from agents and editors after pitching.

Ready to write the story that won't leave you alone?

Ready to commit to finally finishing your book?


Looking for an LGBTQ+ writing community?

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