I help womxn* peel back the layers and get clear on the real story they were meant to write.

book coaching for nonfiction writers


Life's too short to stay stuck

You are a womxn* who's dreamed about writing your memoir or sharing your big idea. Your deep desire is to become an author who inspires and encourages others, who changes people's lives.

But the process of getting your story out of your head and heart feels overwhelming, like driving in fog without headlights.

*Womxn may be a new term for you, as it was for me until recently. I use it here to explicitly include transgender & nonbinary individuals because diversity, equity, & inclusion matters to me.

Get Clear Now

I'm Suzette, your book coach.

I get it. I've been where you are. Wrestling with my story, trying to pin it down. I’ve spent more time, money, and energy than I even want to think about writing in circles, getting nowhere. A book coach helped me get clear on the book I needed to write. Let me help you do the same.

My mission is helping writers like you clear the fog and cut through the overwhelm so you can move your story from your heart to the page. Since 2013, I've been helping writers do just that. 

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"Suzette is an author's dream! She made us better at every turn, and with her help, we found our voice. Her gentle and talented guidance helped us write the book we set out to write."

Trisha Taylor
Co-Author of Learning Change

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"Suzette is calm, in charge without being bossy, and tough in the best kind of way. She is tuned to finding the deeper "why" of your story, and she won't let you get away without going as deep as you need to go in service of your story. When you are armed with your "why," she will bring her editorial and coaching acumen to help you bring your story to the page. She truly is Your Story Finder, your book coach."—Amy Goldmacher, memoir writer
"Suzette’s engaged, energetic coaching style stimulated new lines of thought in my work. She offered great suggestions, but did so with respect, making it clear that it was still my writing journey and my decisions. Suzette clearly sees the big picture as well as the details. And she would not let me stop until we had teased out the real story that needed to be told. Thank you, Suzette."—Mary Bernstein, memoir writer

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