“Thank you so much for your help and for championing this project! I wouldn’t be here without you!”

Author of Madman in The Woods: Life Next Door to the Unabomber, Diversion Books 2022

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Sarah Wells

"When I got the idea for my nonfiction book, I didn’t know how to even take the first step in this process. Suzette helped me from start to finish—from narrowing my audience and focusing my idea to pitching an agent and getting a book deal. She’s served as a sounding board, editor, cheerleader, and champion for my mission to support working moms. Thank you Suzette–you’re a true gem!"

~ SARAH WELLS, author of Go Ask Your Mothers: The Simple One-Step Solution for Managers to Support Working Moms, Matt Holt Books, Fall 2024

"Working with Suzette helped me refine and elevate my concept, position and focus my book, and pitch a polished proposal that sparked interest from multiple publishers and led to a book deal. 

Suzette is calm, in charge without being bossy, and tough in the best kind of way. She is attuned to finding the deeper "why" of your story, and she won't let you get away without going as deep as you need to go in service of that story. She truly is Your Story Finder, your book coach."

Passed On: Daughters Write About Father Loss, Lack, and Legacy, an anthology edited by Amy Goldmacher.

Amy Goldmacher

What's Your Book Idea?

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 "Thank you Suzette! I felt confused and overwhelmed before we started working together, and I feel AMAZED at what we produced. My proposal landed me an agent!!


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“Suzette has a playful and encouraging communication style. She’s also very analytical so she was able to see things I never could.”

Leanne Ogasawara, 2020 Calvino Prize winner, selected by Joyce Carol Oates.

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"It was such a comfort to work with someone in the LGBTQ+ community. With Suzette, I knew my story was both safe and understood."


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"Before working with Suzette, I felt like writing a book was a pipe dream. Now I have a plan and direction to move forward."


“Suzette and I were the perfect fit. I’m so glad we worked together. “


Congratulations to Caitlin Faas PhD on the launch of Unstuck, her book to help high achievers move from stress to flow.

Amy Goldmacher

Suzette takes the fear out of writing

"Suzette has an innate ability to get you to dig deeper so you can access the parts of your story that will turn a good book into a transformational one. She takes the fear out of writing and allows you the freedom to capture the real story on paper. I cannot recommend her enough!"


Like many of my clients, Jenn had more than one book idea. In fact, she had three: a narrative memoir, a self-help book, and something in between.

We dug into all three ideas and clarified the story that she felt called to write first—and then clarified how she would tell that story. We did this by looking at the bigger picture—her deep “why” for writing this book. What she wanted it to accomplish. And who she was writing it for. Through my story-finding process, we identified the common threads in various important moments in her life and uncovered the deeper story Jenn feels called to write.

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"Working with Suzette felt like a chat with a friend over lunch, with actionable suggestions and a low-stress environment."


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"Suzette saved me from starting the wrong book!"


Amy Goldmacher

"If you're working on a book and struggling with where to begin, needing support in thinking through story arcs and various structural elements, struggling with the practical ways to organize your writing, or just looking for encouragement and accountability....

I highly recommend Suzette Mullen! In a very short period of time, she helped me with both the big picture -- the journey I needed to take the reader on -- and getting grounded in next steps, breaking things down and literally walking me through Scrivener and an example of how I might use it to organize myself. I walked away feeling inspired and confident in my ability to move forward productively in the work. Suzette is compassionate, patient, a great listener, and dedicated to the craft -- everything you need in a coach. Thank you Suzette!!"


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"Suzette was fantastic to work with and well worth every penny. She helped me dig deep and find my story."

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"I will never forget her response to my first draft: 'Very good… I want to push you to make it great, which I am confident you can.'"

What's Your Book Idea?


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