Graveyard of Safe Choices
About the memoir

Graveyard of Safe Choices explores what happens when the worlds of a lost stay-at-home mom, a bona fide husband of the year, and an enigmatic kindergarten teacher collide and turn into a 17-year secret love triangle. This memoir speaks to women at midlife and LGBTQ+ folx who are hiding in metaphorical closets, longing to live more authentically but afraid of the cost. It will appeal to readers of Untamed by Glennon Doyle and The Fixed Stars  Molly Wizenberg.

When a single editorial comment opens an empty-nester’s eyes to the truth about her feelings for her best friend, Suzette must choose between maintaining her thirty-year “perfect” marriage and life of heterosexual privilege or leaning into the unspeakable feelings rising within her and throwing a bomb into her family’s ecosystem. Will she put aside decades of denial, a lifetime of playing it safe, and the critical voices inside and outside her all for a chance to feel fully alive?

Weaving the past and present through a fractured, nonlinear story structure,Graveyard of Safe Choices is about gender roles and sexuality, faith and spirituality, identity and motherhood, head knowledge and body wisdom, but ultimately it is about reclamation of self, at any age.


My manuscript is being considered by a prominent university press, and I hope to have some good news to share soon! Stayed tuned for updates!

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About the anthology

I'm thrilled to announce that my essay "Questions I Wish I Could Answer," will be published in Passed On: Daughters Write About Father Loss, Lack, and Legacy, an anthology forthcoming from the University of Georgia Pressedited by anthropologist, author, and book coaching colleague, Amy Goldmacher. My essay gave me the opportunity to revisit some pieces I wrote about my late father shortly after his death in 2011, now with the benefit of more perspective and distance. 

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