I believe ...

  • Love is love.
  • Black lives matter.
  • Women's rights are human rights.
  • No humans are illegal.
  • Stories have the power to change lives.
  • Representation matters—the world needs more LGBTQ+ stories.
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About Suzette

I get it. I know what it feels like to have a story burning inside you that you can’t quite pin down. In my early fifties, I tried to wrestle my first book to the ground—at writers’ conferences and writing groups, on Post-it notes covering my living room walls and index cards scattered on my bedroom floor. I had so many different voices telling me to do so many different things that I couldn’t tune into my own voice. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, and embarrassed. Was I ever going to get this book done? 

A book coach changed my life. When I couldn’t stand one more friend asking me, “When’s your book going to be published?” I decided to work with a book coach. With her help, I clarified my main point, then wrote forward with confidence as I submitted pages every week. But one day my fingers took a detour and traveled to a deeply vulnerable story I wasn’t sure I could stomach sharing. But because of the trust between my book coach and me, I did share that story with her, which changed the trajectory of my life.

Interested in knowing more?

Click here to learn more about my story in my memoir The Only Way Through Is Out.

Just the facts, ma'am:

Scored my first byline in 1978 in my local newspaper with an article about my senior-year study-abroad experience in England.
What can I say? I've been playing with words as long as I can remember.

Landed my first book coaching gig in 2013, corralling 9 (!) cowriters creating a book together.
What can I say? I love a challenge.

Earned a certificate in spiritual formation from Columbia Theological Seminary, in addition to degrees from Wellesley College and Harvard Law School.
What can I say? I like school.

Up-leveled my book coaching expertise through Author Accelerator, the nation’s leading book-coach training program, and became certified as a Dare to Lead™trained professional (Brené Brown's leadership curriculum).
What can I say? I love to learn.

Serve as an adviser and founding board member of The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition, a nonprofit organization committed to building communities where all can live courageous, full, and authentic lives.
What can I say? Fighting for justice and helping others be their true selves has always been part of my story.
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Suzette Mullen, white woman sitting on the floor looking off into the distance pensive

A New Chapter 

In 2017, I came out, left a long-term marriage, and moved to a city where I knew exactly one person.

When I wondered if I really had the fortitude to start over in my mid-50s, a wise friend said: "Some days will be hard and some will be easy. Hard, easy, hard, easy. That's what life is."

She was right. Making a big leap is hard. Damn hard. And the ease I feel in my own skin today—personally and professionally? Worth every bit of the struggle.

Authenticity IS worth the cost because there's peace, joy, & possibility on the other side.

Some things I love: 

  • The beach (Montauk, New York and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware are faves).
  • Sun-kissed rooms.
  • Working in my pjs.
  • Savasana.
  • My co-working community.
  • Being a dog mom (Lucy is the best!).
  • Watching my sons make their way in the world (if only they would call a little more often: is that too much to ask?).
  • Sleeping past seven (which rarely happens anymore).
  • Getting lost in a good book (check out some of my favorites on my blog).
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