Better Late Than Never

all about suzette Mar 31, 2021

I’ve made a few big leaps in midlife, and one of the best is becoming a “dog person.” Meet Lucy, my first ever pet (if you don’t count goldfish, guppies, or turtles). I was severely allergic to cats and dogs as a child so we didn’t have any in our home. Truth be told, I didn’t “get” people who talked about their “fur babies.” Now I get it. Lucy’s the best, even though I’m way below Wendy, aka Mommy #1, in Lucy’s pecking order. It’s never too late to take the leap.

During the pandemic, I’ve been putting in long hours revising my memoir, and I’ve made an amazing discovery: you really only need 3 pairs of pants. Preferably with elastic waists. My new capsule wardrobe. Ha!

Taking a break from the madness and trying to watch The Handmaid’s Tale .... so intense! I want to keep watching but after one episode, my body forces me to switch to lighter fare like Schitt’s Creek. Here’s where being late to the game is helpful. So many choices. So little time. What are you watching? Taking suggestions!

My story, like most, has many layers. When I started dating again in my mid-50s after a 30-year marriage, I had no idea what to expect. However, I did have some non-negotiables, and it was important that the person I dated aligned with my values. Lucky for me, I hit the jackpot! Wendy has been so supportive as I work on sharing my story and all its layers. <3


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