It's Never Too Late

all about suzette Oct 25, 2021

It's Never Too Late

Four and a half years ago, at the age of 56, I left what looked like a fairytale existence and moved to a city where I knew exactly one person.

Some called me brave.

Some called me crazy, a few to my face.

I read somewhere that most of us only make big changes when the pain of staying in the known is worse than the pain of leaping into the unknown.

That was certainly my experience.

On the “before” side of my leap, I wouldn’t have called myself brave but I did feel crazy at times as I  contemplated leaving a thirty-year marriage to a good man, a life that was financially secure and comfortable in more ways than one.

But one day when I finally got quiet and still enough to hear my own voice, the fog cleared. I wasn’t willing to go to my grave without having really lived my life. The pain of not living authentically was greater than the pain and fear of not knowing what was on the other side.

There’s no way forward without some kind of pain.

On this side of the leap, I’m living a different kind of fairytale. New friends of many ages and from many different walks of life. A wife and a bossy puppy. Work aligned with my gifts that brings me joy.

Are you contemplating a big leap at midlife?

Remember my friends, it’s never too late. It’s never too late.


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