Stories Bring Hope and Light into a Dark World

client stories Jun 29, 2022

Today is the last day of Pride Month. Normally I'd write an upbeat post celebrating the LGBTQ+ community I'm now part of—sparkly rainbows and all.

But frankly, I'm not feeling very upbeat or sparkly these days with the stripping away of women's rights and marriage equality likely next on the chopping block.

Instead of wrapping ourselves in rainbows, my wife and I are researching the best places for LGBTQ+ folk to live if—when?—things get worse in this country.

Some days feel very dark.

Then there are those unexpected moments of hope when glimmers of light shine through the cracks. The light that's always there even when we can’t see it.

This week my clients—LGBTQ+ folks & allies as well as passionate advocates for women's rights—have been those glimmers of light for me.

Here are some of their stories:

  • An unexpected journey to parenthood that leads to the courageous decision to step into this person's authentic gender identity and reconcile with the parent who left them when they were eight.
  • An expose of what really goes on in the workplace for new moms and a simple and inexpensive solution to this pervasive problem in businesses, both large and small, in this country.
  • An exploration of how books can heal deep grief and make life worth living again. 
  • A story of how a woman in an emotionally abusive marriage reclaimed herself and now helps other women do the same.
  • An expert's unique take on what parents really need to be effective advocates and allies for their trans and non-binary kids .

These are the kinds of stories that keep me going. That give me hope in the midst of despair.

Our stories. The current Supreme Court, the far right, the racists, the haters—none of them can take away our stories.

My mission as a book coach is to help writers bring hope to the hopeless. Light to those in darkness. Empowerment to those who feel powerless. Connection to those who feel alone and "othered."

And in the process, change hearts and minds—AND systems designed to marginalize—one story at a time.

I'm committed to amplifying the voices of people like you and changing the world together.

Do you have a story that will bring hope and light and into this dark world? I'd love to hear about it.


Just fill out the details below and you'll be good to go. Please note, your information is safe with me, and welcome!