Writing Out Loud: Is Your Story Worth Sharing?

Is Your Story Worth Sharing?

My new book coaching clients are on fire right now! They have a story or a big idea they are burning to share with the world. We're digging in together to further focus their idea so they can write forward with purpose.

This is the fun part, y'all.

But inevitably there will come a time (or two) when doubt will creep in. When writing feels like a slog. When they will start comparing themselves to more established writers.

When they wonder if it's all worth it. When they wonder if they have anything new to share with the world. When they wonder if anyone will even care.

I get it. I've been there.

Those kinds of doubts creep in when I'm in the messy middle of a draft ... or in the middle of a revision.

Truth be told, those doubts have crept in recently for me.

I thought I'd be further along with my memoir by now.

But instead of getting a book deal, I'm back in the middle of a major revision. I'm tearing my draft apart to write a better book.

And it will be better.

And when I start asking myself whether it is worth all the effort, I've got my book coach by my side, cheering me on.

Practically every writer I've worked with reaches that point of despair at some point in the process. I wish I could tell you it won't happen to you—but it probably will if you are writing a book.

The answer? Surround yourself with support.

Writer friends, a writers group, a book coach—so that if—when(?) despair takes over, you'll have someone to pick you up and help you keep going.

Someone who will say "Hell, yes!" when you wonder if your story is worth sharing.

Are you wondering if your story is worth sharing? Drop me a line @ [email protected] and tell me about your story or big idea. I'd love to be the "hell, yes!" person for you.


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