The OMG Email

The road to publication can be long, as I've shared in a recent post

It also can be filled with rejection and never-to-be-answered queries.

And then there are those moments like my client Sarah had the other day. I won't tell you too much about her book—yet—as there are more steps on its path to publication.

But an OMG!!! email is a time to celebrate.

As soon as I read Sarah's "OMG! Can you call me?" email, I picked up the phone and seconds later I was on the verge of (happy) tears.

A dream agent had offered her representation.

He GOT her book. WHY it was important for women. Why it was important NOW.

And the book proposal that got this agent's attention?

"It's one of the best I've ever read," the agent told Sarah.

I can't lie—that comment was the icing on the cake.

My clients and I work hard—often for many months—on these proposals—which are documents that make the business case for their book. 

What their book is about. Why it's needed. Why it's needed now. And why they are the right  person to write it.

Proposals include an audience analysis: who will read—and buy this book. The size of this readership and how will they will be reached.

And then there are the sample chapters that demonstrate how well you write. That show that you are capable of writing the book you have made the case for.

Like the journey to publication, drafting a pitch-ready book proposal is a long journey.

But those OMG moments? 

Priceless. Worth every draft.

Stay tuned for more on Sarah's journey, but now join me in celebrating this joyous moment!

If and when you're ready to roll up your sleeves and draft a book proposal with expert 1:1 support, I'd love to chat about working together.

I can't promise an OMG moment, but I'd sure love to help put you in an excellent position to have one! 


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