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Why We Judge Books By Their Covers

A couple weeks ago, I opened an email from the art director of my publisher entitled "Cover Design Introduction."

Ahh ... covers.

You've heard the expression "Don't judge a book by its cover," which means don't judge something by its outward appearance.

But truth be told—don't we do that ALL THE TIME about many things?

Especially with books.

Covers are the ultimate marketing tool for a book.

Does the cover make a potential reader curious about what's inside? Does it turn them on or repel them? Does it make them want to investigate further to find out what the book is really about?

We ask similar questions about titles too.

 Covers—and titles—define the book's concept or "feel"—in seconds. A potential reader will either be turned on or turned off or feel neutral by that first impression, which will play a huge role in whether they pick up the book for a second look.

How does a book cover get designed?

As stated...

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