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5 Steps to Building Your Author Platform

author platform Sep 23, 2020

Author Platform is a scary and mysterious term for many writers. Let’s unpack it.

Michael Hyatt, author of Platform, says platform "is the stage you use to connect with readers. It’s how you get noticed in a noisy world."

Tim Grahl, author of Your First 1000 Copies says author platform is “code for how you are going to sell your book.”

Platform is finding the people who connect with what you write, building real relationships with them by being, as Tim Grahl says, “relentlessly helpful,” and then offering them a product—your book—to purchase when it’s ready.

Notice, I didn’t say ANYTHING about having thousands of social media followers. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about “platform.” Platform does NOT equal social media or number of followers. Social media is useful in building your platform - but it’s only one of many tools. 

5 Key Steps

Step 1: Get absolutely clear and be...

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